ABN AMRO and Dell Technologies opened a laboratory in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, where scientists and students can perform data research. The new ‘Dataistic Center’ makes knowledge and hardware available to a broad group of scientists, allowing experiments to be conducted that could benefit society. 

Access to modern hardware, expertise and support

In the Dataistic Center, users have access to modern hardware and support for conducting experiments. They can also re-use other users’ data and benefit from networking with like-minded data professionals. The Dataistic Center also offers expertise in banking, doing business and technological developments. 

Why a Dataistic Center

Our society needs investments in and experiments on the newest technology on the subjects of AI, Data Analyses and Data Science. We believe that these experiments will help to accelerate the much needed development of worldwide services like smart cities, autonomous vehicles and robots in healthcare.

Social Impact

The Dataistic Center is one of the ways in which ABN AMRO and Dell Technologies create an opportunity for universities, start-ups, charity organisations, medical institutions and themselves to continually explore the newest technology and its uses for society. 

“We’re committed to driving human progress by putting our technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet”

Dell Technologies
Michael Dell

“We believe in an evolution wherein data becomes the primary drive for change. Therefore, we strongly support research during the data-era we live in.”


what we offer

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Next level computing

A leading edge computer cluster with the newest tech stack, tailored for data preparation and analyses

Agile accommodation

Maximum agile accommodation of your specific research preferences and requirements


Support and capabilities to help you set up your data research


Potential collaboration on data science subjects to create joint eco-system opportunities

Social Impact Cases

Ready to pick up social impact cases for bachelor/master students

Care Free

Costless access to systems specially tailored for ML/AI/DL analytics

“We live in a world in which data is becoming ever more important and plays a key role in many sectors, like healthcare and education,”

“More and more data is becoming available every day, and can be used by scientists to create value.

We see it as our mission to support initiatives like the Dataistic Center and are pleased to work with ABN AMRO to help students and scientists in their groundbreaking research”

Patrick van de Coolwijk
Managing Director Enterprise, Dell Technologies Netherlands


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De bank

At first glance, they appear to be far apart: the banking sector and the academic world. But banks and universities are no longer strangers to each other.

In fact, they are increasingly working together in research on social issues such as health care, sustainability and financial stability.

ABN AMRO cooperates intensively with various universities, says Micha Rentier, head of the Technology Lab at ABN AMRO.

“As a bank, we want to make a contribution to society.

For this we go beyond our own domain and work together with science. If you want to make progress in conducting thorough social research, you need the universities to do that.”

Technical Specs




CPU's cores with Hyper-Threading enabled




Nvidia Tesla V100 16gb GPU

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